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Anti-spy Camera Bug RF Detector,ONTOTL Wireless Bug Detector Hidden Camera Lens Detector Radio Wave Signal Detect Full-range GSM Device Finder,Camera Detector for Anti Eavesdropping/Candid/GPS Tracker

Product Features:

    Always feeling someone keeping a close eye on you ?Want to fully protect the security of the business secret information?Still looking for signal detector to live in safety?-Choose ONTOTL RF DETECTOR ,Let This Multi Detector With Greater Sensivity Protect You Anytime And Anywhere !-More Professional Bug Detector Better Privacy…
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Product Description

Always feeling someone keeping a close eye on you ?

Want to fully protect the security of the business secret information?

Still looking for signal detector to live in safety?

-Choose ONTOTL RF DETECTOR ,Let This Multi Detector With Greater Sensivity Protect You Anytime And Anywhere !

-More Professional Bug Detector Better Privacy and Safety Protection!

-It can accurately identify eavesdropping , telephone tapping and digital eavesdropping ,tracking ,vehicle eavesdropping, wireless pinhole cameras , wired cameras ,electrical sources.

●Multiple ways to detect hidden lenses
●With the red highlights scanning, can detect various lenses that are invisible to the naked eye
●Wireless detection of various prompt functions: voice prompt, vibration prompt, LED indicator prompt
●Professional radio wave detection device,high sensitivity,large frequency detection with Precision
●Anti Spy detector help you to detect and find bugs, GPS trackers, wireless cameras, other spy devices
●Connect headphones to detect in a more subtle way
●Wireless signal strength indicator, fast positioning signal source
●Detection sensitivity can be adjusted
● Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Can be used continuously for 5 hours
●Very small size, very convenient to carry around

✔Receive frequency range: 1MHz-6500MHz
✔Laser detection Camera distance:10cm-10m (the naked eyes can identify red flashing)
✔Radio wave detection Camera distance:5cm-l0m(the range depends on transmit power of the camera)
✔Power: Built-in lithium polymer battery 280mAH
✔Probe laser wavelength: 920nm
✔Current Consumption: 8mA

Package includes:
1 x Hidden Camera Detector
1 x Earphone
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual

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Product Features

  • ▶【Accurate & Fast Detection】This professional anti spy detector can accurately detects the position of Hidden Cameras,Audio Bugs and GPS tracking within a few minutes through the RF frequency detection.It can effectively prevent eavesdropping, candid photos and personal privacy leaks.
  • ▶【Adjustable Potentiometer Sensitivity】Super-high sensitivity with adjustable threshold, stronger anti-jamming, wider range of detection frequency. The signal detection device can adjust the sensitivity according to the actual needs. By Adjusting The Potentiometer, Increasing/Decreasing The Sensitivity Can Expand/Reduce The Detection Range.Camera detector can quickly identify the source signal waves with the help of equipped strong signal indicator light.
  • ▶【Multi Detection Mode】Mute/sound mode, strong magnetic detection mode, radio wave mode to efficiently find the suspicious item. The back of the detector is equipped with six high-brightness laser lights, which can assist in finding micro pinhole lens and prevent omission. Can detect radio wave , magnetic field, hidden wired or wireless camera equipment, 2G,3G,4G mobile phone SIM card bug, GPS locator,1.2G to 5.8G wireless hidden camera equipment.
  • ▶【Friendly Design】The size of the signal detector is very small, can be held in the hands. Mute mode design, no annoying sounds, to facilitate your private exploration in some special occasions.A strong magnetic probe designed to detect a magnetic-absorption-positioner/bug in standby mode.Easy to use(only switch+sensitivity knob).
  • ▶【Widely Usage of RF Detector】There are many places where there are risks of being eavesdropped and candid. Laser detection camera can sets the distance range from 10cm to 10m (the naked eye can identify red flashing). Used for home, hotel, bathroom, changing room, entertainment venues or as a monitor for school examinations to prevent eavesdropping, being photographed, shooting videos or radiation damage.
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